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Product Liability Lawyer San Jose

Bay Area Product Liability Attorney At Law
Dangerous or Defective products

Products that are damaged or defective can cause a wide array of injuries ranging from minor to fatal. This is something that our government knows very well. Thus, we have specific laws and protections as consumers. Serious injuries may result from design defects, inadequate testing, marketing misrepresentation, misleading labeling, and defective products.

Do not do it alone. Defective liability cases are known to be complex, difficult, and very expensive. Strict product liability allows legal action against a manufacturer that sells any defective product that results to injury to anyone who uses it whether they purchased it, borrowed it, or received it as gift. Please contact a San Jose, Bay area Injury Attorney at the Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu because we fight hard for the rights of clients who have suffered personal injury from defective products.

  1. First, do not talk to anyone until you contact an attorney. It is common for insurance company adjusters to put their company???s interest in front of yours and try to offer you a quick settlement.
  2. Do not complete any paperwork until you obtain a counsel. Put all the paperwork and documents together and give it to your lawyers.
  3. Take Pictures. Take pictures of the scene if conditions and circumstances permit. This may include vehicles, home, persons and surrounding. This may be very vital to proving your claim.
  4. Obtain names and addresses of witnesses. Obtain the names and addresses of anyone present that might have witnessed the accident. It will be our job to contact them.
  5. Get medical care. You must get medical care as soon as possible. Keep all receipts, instructions, and other medical or incident report.
  6. Preservation of item may be the key. It is very critical that you preserve the actual item that caused the injury to you or loved one. This will help in putting puzzle together. Contact us immediately for an appointment at 408-912-5983.

Product liability claim may result from some of the following:

  • Inadequate warning or labeling
  • Unsafe drugs
  • Design errors when product left manufacturing
  • Defective clothing
  • Dangerous equipment
  • Dangerous hospital equipment

Our goal is to explore all possible claims to the benefit of our client.

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