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Biking Injuries and Driver Liability – Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

bicycleEach year, around 3,000 bikers die in motorcycle or bicycle accidents. Injuries from a bicycle or motorcycle accident usually result in long and traumatic hospital stays with extensive medical care. Many of these injuries have permanent and life changing effects. Although sometimes immediate injuries may not be that apparent, bikers can go into severe shock hours later from a collision with the road or another vehicle. It is important to contact a Bay Area accident injury attorney to be sure you recover damages, lost wages, and medical expenses due to your accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, call a San Jose motor vehicle accident or personal injury lawyer skilled in motorcycle and bicycle law. Attorney Geoffrey Nwosu is experienced injury lawyer. He understands the laws and the insurance companies and can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Bikers are often treated unfairly by insurance companies resulting in less than adequate claims for biking accident victims. If you are in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, you need a San Jose biking accident lawyer to guide you through the claims process and protect your rights with insurance companies. However, accidents involving bicycles or motorcycles are usually caused by a third party and are not typically the fault of the biker. Many times the other automobile simply cannot see the motorcycle and a collision occurs. This, however, does not excuse the automobile driver from fault. An experienced Bay Area lawyer can inform you of your rights and help determine fault in the accident. Often times, serious injury to the biker occurs as a result of successfully trying to avoid a collision. The biker is not usually rewarded by insurance companies for avoiding a collision and is often denied claims for injury and property damage when a collision with another vehicle does not occur. If you have been ???ran off the road???, then the other driver???s insurance company will likely try to deny your claim. With the help of a skilled San Jose accident lawyer, you can protect your rights. Attorney Geoffrey Nwosu knows the laws specific to motorcycle and bicycle accidents and biker???s rights and will fight to get you a fair settlement.

Due to the lack of seat belts, air bags, and other safety features, combined with the overall size of the motorcycle or bicycle as compared to a car, truck, or van, bike accidents that end in collisions can be deadly. More than 100,000 motorcycle and bicycle deaths have occurred since 1996 and the trend is rising each year. Don???t let the insurance companies deny your claim without first consulting an experienced lawyer. San Jose Automobile lawyer, Geoffrey Nwosu, will represent you and protect your rights. He understands motorcycle and bicycle accident laws and the rights of bikers. Call us today and let us help you get the settlement you deserve at 408-912-5983.

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