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We are dedicated to helping you and your family rebuild your life after a tragic accident.
Accident Injuries Overview – San Jose and Bay Area

At the San Jose Personal Injury Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu, we provide representation and counsel clients in the following areas:

San Jose, Bay Area Accident Lawyer

judge holding a gavelAccidents are very common in San Jose, California. This may include but not limited to auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck, ship, train and bus accidents, fire accidents, slip and fall accidents, Premises liability accidents, airplane accidents, and building and explosive accidents.

You must always try to avoid or reduce your risk of accidents. However, when accident happens, you need the services of a skilled law firm like the San Jose Accident Attorney of the Law Offices of Geoffrey Nwosu that is knowledgeable, skilled, and not afraid to associate with other attorneys when necessary. Please take the following steps after an accident.

  1. First, do not talk to anyone until you obtain a proper counsel or legal representation. It is common for insurance company adjusters to put their company???s interest in front of yours and try to get a quick settlement. Do the right thing to protect your legal right.
  2. Stop your car and if possible, try to assist the injured. Do not leave the scene of an accident. Stop your car as soon as possible without endangering any person or property around you. Secure the service of an ambulance or telephone if possible. Render first aid only if you can and are qualified.
  3. Contact the police as soon as you are able. Police officers are trained to provide assistance after an accident. They can help document evidence from people present at the scene and measure skid marks. Inform the police of your version of the incident and what happened.
  4. Identify the driver. In California, you are allowed to obtain the driver???s name, driver???s license number, name of insurance company and the policy number for the car, address and registration number of all party???s involved in the accident.
  5. Get counsel through an attorney or professional before doing any kind of paperwork. Put all the paperwork and documents together and give it to your lawyers. Also refer all calls to them.
  6. It is very important to take as many pictures as possible. Take pictures of the entire scene if conditions and circumstances permit. This may include vehicles, home, persons, and surrounding. These pictures can play a pivotal role in proving your claim.
  7. Obtain names and addresses of witnesses. Obtain the names and addresses of anyone present that might have witnessed the accident. It will be our job to contact them.
  8. Get medical Care. It is critical to get medical care as soon as possible. Keep all receipts, instructions, and other medical or incident report.
  9. Preservation of item may be the key. It is very critical that you preserve the actual item that caused the injury to you or loved one. This will help in putting the puzzle together.

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You can recover Special and General Damages when you suffer any Physical, Emotional, Mental harm or death caused by negligent and intentional acts of another person or legal entity. Our goal is to help you pursue and recover all the compensations that you deserve. We are absolutely striving to be the best accident and personal injury law firm in San Jose, California.

San Jose Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer: What Is Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injury is damage of the soft tissue of the body. These types of injuries are a major source of pain and disability. It can be caused by either direct trauma or indirect trauma in connection with sports, accidents or factory workers. Insurance company???s treat soft tissue injury as minor injury and offer less for quick settlement.

However, we at the San Jose Soft Injury Law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu, understand that severe injuries where the tissue has completely ruptured require surgery to sew the torn pieces back together. An infection may also develop from even the most minor soft tissue injury.

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