Harassing Phone Calls: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Rights to stop Harassing Phone Calls


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Creditors Phone Harassment: The law must balance the creditor’s right to collect monies owed against a consumer right to protection under the law from creditor harassment. Both federal and state law is against Creditor harassment.  Creditor harassment can make life extremely stressful and very difficult for a debtor or someone who owes them money. The harassment may cause problems like loss of sleep, marriage problems, relationship problems or inability to focus while on the job, at school or driving.   

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt relief can be a judicial remedy for you if you are being harassed by creditors. Nobody likes to be called a deadbeat or a loser just because they have huge hospital bill, lost their job or income earning power and could not make payment on their debt. Some of our client’s who have received harassing phone calls from the Bill Collectors knows that those calls can unsettling, frightening, intimidating, annoying and humiliating. It is definitely something that you don’t want a loved one to experience. The federal bankruptcy law understands this and wants to help.

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your automatic stay will stop most harassing phone calls immediately from the time that you file your petition. The idea behind this approach is to allow the debtor time to breathe and the bankruptcy court enough time to review your bankruptcy filing. You may get debt relief if your debt is dischargeable and the creditor will not be able to call you or harass you again regarding the debt. The Federal Bankruptcy laws are so powerful that even bill collectors are stopped from contacting you after you file bankruptcy.  Once you file bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court issues an automatic stay order telling all bill collectors and their creditors to stop and halt all their collection effort and tactics or face the contempt of court order from the bankruptcy judge. You have rights. We can help you.

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